How to setup Youtube Discovery ads – Full Tutorial

Five Free Tools To Easily Monitor Social Media Updates

Instead of treating social media outlets like a megaphone, we should manage them like a telephone. It is important to have a more personalized approach and know where to listen. More focused methods allow us to know what people say about our brand and give us the opportunity to respond immediately. Here are five free listening tools available for hardcore social media fans:

Five Ways That Older People Are Using Facebook

This year, Facebook celebrates its 10th birthday. With the speed of change that the web has experienced since its inception 20 years ago, we reckon that Internet years run along the same lines as Dog Years, so in real terms Facebook has just marked its 70th birthday. So, in our eyes it’s all grown up now.

6 Ways Social Media Is Doing More Harm Than Good

Don’t get me wrong: I’m a social person. It’s just that social media is fast evolving into a cacophony that drowns out communication and drains productivity.

Time to Tweet: The Five Reasons You Need Twitter for Your Business

Give your business an extra edge and pump with Twitter. Leverage your online presence making it a part of your digital marketing strategy.

5 Reasons Every Parent Should Be Aware Of Instagram

ANY PARENTS may feel they have a fair idea of their child’s activities online because they are aware of how they use social media platforms like Facebook. The truth is, Facebook is no longer the hottest trend for teens. The latest craze comes from the use of the application called Instagram and while it seems at first sight that this is only a simple and practical way to share photos with your friends, there is actually a lot more to it than that.

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