How To Turn On YouTube Comments (QUICK & EASY)

Why I Think Social Media Sucks!

Why I think Social Media Sucks and Why I am dropping 80% of my network. Say Bye Bye!

A Quick Guide to Fan Page Marketing

If you are looking to improve your visibility with Facebook Marketing strategies, then one of the best ways that you can go about it is by using fan page marketing to its maximum.If you have already selected “Use Facebook as Page” in your admin section on Facebook then you are all set to start to maximize your fan page.

Branding Yourself With Social Media

With the economy in the toilet, jobs have been lost and small businesses are being created. To create an edge start branding yourself through social media.

Social Media: Flushing Out the Fakes

The Internet is packed with the lives, impressions, experiences and learning of literally billions of individuals, carefully constructed and presented to create the best possible impression. How, though, can a new – or an experienced – Social Media user spot, weed out and flush the millions of faked profiles?

How and When to Use Social Media Channels

Two of the best media to use to gain visibility and visitors to your website are Blogs and You Tube. But it’s not appropriate for every product or audience. The value in using social media channels lies in the effectiveness and delivery of marketing message or narrative via the right channel. Using inappropriate channels for your message with only cost you time and resources for no appreciable result.

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