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How To Give Your Event A Social Media Personality All Its Own

One of the most powerful ways to promote your event is to give it a voice and a personality. If your event can “speak for itself” it becomes an entity completely separate from any event organizer or organization and creates a brand attendees will start talking to and following. The best way to create this event “persona”? Social media!

The Importance of Digital Integrity, Online Credibility and Social Etiquette

Online credibility and etiquette are critical issues so many people tend to get in trouble for. Often, a negative digital footprint is largely due to their lack of online social etiquette.

Learn Three Social Media Strategies to Promote Affiliate Links Without a Website

Many online entrepreneurs are affiliate marketers that are promoting products and/or services that pay them a commission. Read this article to learn three social media strategies that will help you successfully promote affiliate links without a website.

4 Instagram Tips For An Online Business

I want to talk about a fast growing social media site that is really growing fast and offers real good online promotion potential for any business. I’m talking about Instagram!

10 Tips to Successful Social Media Marketing

Have you ever tried your hand at social media marketing? Despite all the hype, launching a successful social media marketing campaign is not as easy as opening a few accounts and waiting for followers to arrive.

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