How to Use Hashtags on LinkedIn: A Strategy for Growth

Website Marketing – How to Position Your Business in Social Media for Your Website Marketing

Social media brings a wide ranging extra set of benefits for you and your company. The smart phone era has expanded online communications as we could never have anticipated just a few years ago. We are only at the beginning of this on line marketing phenomena too and there so much your company can take advantage of, if, and only if, you operate in sensible and constructive ways.

Facebook Social Search – What Is All The Fuss About?

Facebook has added a smart search engine it has called Graph Search to its social network capabilities. The feature allows users to make “natural” searches of content shared by their friends.

How To Stand Out in a Small Business Crowd With Facebook

With so many small businesses competing for the consumer’s attention, it’s difficult to stand out in the crowd. But one very effective way of doing just that is via social media giant Facebook. Here’s how to use internet marketing to your advantage – cheaply.

Social Media Mayhem: Making Sense of It All

This article is about 4 leading social media sites that are hot right now. It mentions what is it and how they are best used.

Social Media and Your Small Business: Pros and Cons

In today’s world where internet is everywhere, it seems like a no brainer to set up your business with an assortment of social media accounts. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, there are a slew of ways to market yourself on the web. But is social media really free and is it the right choice for you and your business.

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