How to Use LinkedIn Creator Mode to Get More Customers

Effective Social Media Marketing Tactics for Start-Up Businesses

Social Media Marketing has become a buzzword among Internet marketers as they began to woo the users of such sites. The very nature of social media sites – i.e. virtually free and instant recognition – is the main draw. The power of social media was recently felt during social unrest in Egypt, Libya and other countries.

4 Tips To Make Your Brand POP On Social Media Platforms

Social media has changed the way our entire world works. Everyone has an equal voice and immediate access to vast networks of friends and followers. Customers are vocal – sometimes passionate about the brands, products and services they use, and what they like and dislike. More companies are integrating social media into their overall marketing plans. Their goal is to take advantage of the incredible opportunities available in the social sphere, like lead and sales generation and real-time customer service.

Three Steps In Facebook Strategy To Reap The Big Success

With more than 50 billion users from all around the world, Facebook is the most popular social networking site. People engage themselves on Facebook to establish a social network with their friends, families and acquaintances. Building a social network was the first objective of establishing that platform. Now, it is not limited to that objective only. Facebook has created a huge opportunity for the businesses to explore their products or services to their prospective as well as current customers. A well-established strategy only can ensure the proper utilization of this huge opportunity. In my article, I have discussed the three simple steps you should keep in mind when establishing your Facebook strategy.

Social Media Marketing Is Not Enough For Facebook

Just recently, Facebook realized one of its most prominent achievements since its unveiling in ’04 once the enterprise’s head honcho Mark Zuckerberg publicized that the website climbed to a billion web users on the 14th of September. For Facebook, getting an end user structure that consists of a seventh of the earth’s human population is an important achievement. On the other hand, the majority of the small companies which utilize Facebook as an online marketing and advertising retailer are still doubtful of the network’s capacity to boost their proceeds despite having one of the most enormous users list on the Internet.

Are You Making the Most of Twitter?

Twitter is a critical part of most small businesses’ social media marketing plans, however so many business owners are missing key opportunities. Are you?

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