How to Use LinkedIn Effectively

Why Attending a Social Commerce Conference May Be High in ROI for Your Company

Conferences are held all over the world. People travel from both near and far to gain access to information on a wide range of topics that most people are not privy to. To get this knowledge and an inherent edge over the competition, many businesses pay for certain employees to attend conferences that are directly and indirectly related to their business and its operational needs. This is one of the main reasons why attending a Social Commerce Conference may be high in ROI for your company. These conferences are normally valuable to those who are responsible for spearheading the social commerce projects within their companies.

Why Consumers Enjoy Social Shopping On Websites

Utilizing social media and social shopping is an ideal way to boost revenue for those who are operating their very own e-Commerce stores online. There are many sites today who are using social networking and shopping in combination to help with not only generating more income, but also sharing the word of their products and their brand with hundreds and thousands from each sale everyday.

Using Social Media As an Effective Marketing Tool

The wrong way to approach social marketing is to simply use it to “get the word out.” Social media is not a one way street, it is marketing as a conversation rather than as a monologue. This is where a lot of large retailers are having trouble: they’re approaching social media marketing like any other form of marketing, they’re still stuck in the old way of doing things. Today’s marketing environment is one where the customer’s word is just as valuable, and sometimes more so, than the retailer’s.

List Building on Facebook: Simple (and Fun!) Marketing Strategies Via Social Media

Proven marketing strategies via social media. Read more as I show you how to build your list on Facebook the right way and fast.

Most Common Twitter Mistakes Entrepreneurs Do

Are you ready to avoid the most common Twitter mistakes entrepreneurs do when marketing their business? Check out these tips…

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