How to Use LinkedIn Message Ads to Get Into People’s Inboxes

These Social Media Mistakes Are Ruining Your Brand

Social media holds a lot of potential for businesses of all sizes. It has the power to grow your brand and connect you with a deeper pool of potential customers. You can use it to find sales leads, bring more traffic to your website, and market your business to a large audience. But if you are not careful, it also has the power to do a lot of damage to your brand.

5 Tips to Get More Content to Go Viral

Going viral is such a huge goal for many brands. It is the dream result every time we hit the “post” button on our social media status updates. With billions of users online each day, the possibility is always there. Yet so many entrepreneurs never see more than a few hundred likes on their content. What is the key to getting your content to reach a larger number of people and “go viral?”

What You Need to Know Before Hiring a Social Media Manager

There is no doubt that social media and marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly. Social media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools for brands today. It is an excellent platform for businesses of all sizes, especially when there is a limited (or nonexistent) marketing budget at hand. It is important to have an expert in charge of leading your brand through this type of marketing in order to reap the most benefits.

5 Ways to Increase Facebook Page Engagement

Engagement is a key role to play in the success of any social media marketing strategy and Facebook is not an exception. It is easy to set up a fan page, but there is the need to continually give people a reason to remain interested and keep coming back. Learn how to do it right

What’s So Tough About Facebook Marketing?

According to marketing maven, Seth Godin, “You can use social media to turn strangers into friends, friends into customers, and customers into salespeople.” But most small businesses (and many large ones, for that matter) lack the understanding of this concept, let alone how to put a strategy in place to realize it. In fact, if you look around Facebook, the majority of the 50 million-plus fan pages on that platform are going about it all wrong.

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