How to Use LinkedIn Newsletters: A Guide for Marketers

How to Make Money Online Using Facebook?

Small and large business companies can attain equal footing when it comes to advertising when it is done online. Large businesses pay a lot of money to use the internet for advertising purposes. Small businesses, even if they have not had a big amount of money just like the larger ones, can also use the same tactics or steps to create profit. One of the biggest websites that businesses can use to make money online is through Facebook.

Are Social Media Campaigns Different for Non-Profit Organizations?

The world of marketing has changed drastically in the past few years. Most sales and marketing firms will turn to social media campaigns instead of video, TV, or radio, though those are still important tactics as well. While some statistics can be misleading, this source did its research thoroughly.

Facebook Commerce – Is It Time to Get in to That?

F-commerce, a term derived from E-commerce, refers to the eCommerce on Facebook and has already become a powerful eCommerce strategy to drive traffics to the eCommerce site and selling products on Facebook. Facebook social networking platform has become a hub of millions of potential customers and tapping those customers to the original eCommerce & letting them buy your product is an option that no longer can be ignored. Think about a single mom who can be your next best customer, is using Facebook network and rarely searches for your keywords. How do you win her loyalty for your business? As a business owner you should ensure your products’ visibility to the Facebook users and keep them updated about your products and services.

Utilizing Social Media to Promote Websites

Social media has done a lot to change the world. Take a look at these amazing facts and statistics about social networking sites: Users of the Internet spend more time on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube or LinkedIn when going online. A lot of people make use of social.

Social Media Campaign Management: What NOT to Do

It seems the faster technology changes, the faster sales and marketing firms change their marketing techniques. Social Media campaign management is clearly the newest marketing technique as any sales and marketing firm will promote. There are so many rules and techniques and so many social media networks that it is hard to keep track of them all.

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