How To Use YouTube To SELL Products (This Works Right Now)

Facebook Likes – 3 Reasons Why You Need Them

It is well established by now that your online business will do very well if you use social media effectively. Social networking platforms are very popular with the average person and you are sure to find your current and potential customers here. Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest are indeed very popular but it is Facebook that has the maximum number of members.

Optimize Social Content for Facebook Mobile App

Social media platforms have revolutionized the communication platforms of the world. Mobile devices have strengthened communication channels and information is disseminated at the click of a button. Facebook mobile app has brought the world closer and marketers are constantly engaged in the effort of increasing their company’s visibility online. This article seeks to show you how to optimize social media content for Facebook mobile app. Enjoy

Using Social Media As a Marketing Tool for Your Small Business: (Part 2)

In part two of the Using Social Media as a Marketing Tool for Your Small Business article series, we’re looking at strategies around engaging fans via your Facebook Fan Page. During part one of this series, we talked about creating and building your company’s presence on Facebook by taking advantage of their fan page app and tactics to attract prospects to this page.

10 Most Popular Twitter Plugins for WordPress

WordPress is an extremely popular CMS that is extensively used for varied purposes by small business, organizations and individuals. A range of websites and online applications are frequently built using this open source CMS. WordPress has many easily available plugins to add value to the created websites and online applications. In this write up, we discuss 10 most popular Twitter plugins for WordPress, like:

Too Much Social Media Could Be Bad for Relationships

Business is about relationships, we all know that. And thankfully the online world of social media helps you build, extend and maintain relationships in more ways than you imagined possible just a few years ago. There really is no excuse nowadays for not being able to have good relationships with your customers or suppliers.

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