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Video Sharing Made Easy: Keek

One of the essential elements of being in the advertising or marketing business is being up to date with all the newest social media trends. It goes without saying that the mobile web and all the services that come up with it are growing at a fast pace and you should make sure your marketing agency is not left behind. One of the most talked-about mobile video sharing services nowadays is Keek, which actually promises to take video sharing to a whole new level in the near future.

3 Ways to Track Success on the Internet

I feel happy when I want to sit down and watch my business growing. Even if I’m home I can keep track of what is happening. And all these are due to the Internet technology.

4 Ways to Use Google+ ‘On-Air’ Hangouts

Google+ offers so many valuable tools, one of the top ones being Hangouts. With Hangouts, you can host online video chats with up to nine people for free. During the Hangout, you and the other participants can collaborate on projects using Google Docs and watch YouTube videos together.

Keep People Hiding and Staying Away

Consider what you can do to keep your feed line smooth and applicable so that your viewers enjoy reading it. It takes quality information for an audience to want to interact with it rather than ignoring or hiding you from their feeds.

Social Media Marketing Myths

There are many myths floating around the internet, from doomsday conspiracies to alien encounters. There are also many different social media marketing myths floating around as well. These myths center on how effective social media marketing can be, and what are the best sites to become active on.

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