How to Write a LinkedIn Summary for Beginners (With Examples)

Your Visual Image Does Matter on Social Media

Social media is today’s most popular marketing technique for those who want to promote their expertise, a product or service to the world or a niche market. But while your ultimate goal is to make money, your visual image and how you present yourself determines your credibility as a business professional. Your visual image does matter so read more to learn why and what you can do.

Getting the Most From Hashtags

Chances are, hashtags are a very important part of your online activities. Hashtags originated with Twitter but their use has expanded and they are now being used far more extensively and quite effectively. It is apparent that hashtags are here to stay so your only choice (if you haven’t yet jumped on the hashtag bandwagon) is to embrace them and to learn how to use them most effectively for your business.

How to Improve Your Business Brand on LinkedIn

Businesses today have various social media avenues wherein they can promote their brands and reach out to customers around the globe. This is best done through the page feature of social networking sites.

How to Use Hangouts for Video Conferencing

Online meetings or video conferences can be done easily these days using various tools available on the web. One such tool is the Hangouts of Google+.

Social Media Jargon You Need to Know

Social networking sites are indeed very useful to private individuals and professionals. They let people connect in a lot of ways and allow others to learn about what they do in life.

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