How To Write A LinkedIn Summary – LinkedIn Summary Examples

Social Media for People and Business

Social media has changed the way of life of people. It offers definite advantages to both people and businesses. Social media is awesome.

Maximize Your Real Estate Business Presence With Social Media

Whether you have a local real estate business or you operate mostly from a website, one of the biggest issues you may be dealing with is how to advertise. With so many real estate businesses and options out there, you will have to catch the attention of people who are looking to buy or sell their home.

The Burnout Factor and Your Word of Mouth

Why did you start your brand? Was it something you liked to do? Was it something you were good at? Many entrepreneurs pursue their passions. They like it, so they do it (and hope it will become successful). Unfortunately, this comes with one unique problem. These brands focus on being passionate and forget how to be successful.

How Many Likes?

Social networks are able to reflect how popular a brand is. For example, Twitter and Pinterest allow users to see how many followers they have while LinkedIn shows a user’s networking stance. On the other hand, Facebook shows how many “likes” users have; the more “likes” users have on their page the more popular they are.

6 Simple Steps Towards Your Social Media Marketing Strategy

This article gives some great advice on creating a social media marketing campaign and the 6 steps that are needed to do it. Follow these simple steps, and you can begin to implement an effective Social Media Marketing strategy too.

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