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Grow Your Facebook Presence With These Tips

Many brands are enticed to start a Facebook presence when they see the success of companies like Target and Starbucks. Your practice may not reach hundreds of millions of fans (although it may), but there are targeted steps you can take to build your Facebook page quickly and efficiently.

How The Facebook Revolution Changed The World

Facebook is now the number one social network site on the internet. It eases the communication level and makes people come closer. But do we realize the bad side of it?

Do You Have A Social Media Monitoring Policy In Your Company?

One negative sentiment is enough to throw your brand out of the good books of customers. It is essential that you keep track of whatever activity or online event that makes a reference to your brand. Learn how can you achieve that in 6 simple steps…

Social Media Employment, Work Has a Whole New Meaning!

Thousands of people are being employed to leave comments, Facebook, Tweet and upload videos to YouTube. Read how companies are managing their social media accounts and why.

When Is It Too Many Posts?

Word-of-mouth marketing is very much a part of Facebook. Post when you have something valuable to say and also reply to fans who give you feedback. Do not ignore your fans and engage with them as best you can so that you can give the impression that you are a business that cares about its customers.

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