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Social-Media Relationships: What Kind of Friend Are You?

It takes all kinds to make up this world. But when it comes to social-media; to this day, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the concept of what a “friend” means. I still believe in the old school definition of friendship as opposed to the social media definition which dehumanizes the person in place of a contact.

How to Use WhatsApp As an Emerging Marketing Tool and for Social Media Marketing

WhatsApp is really an important part of your online social advertising. It is an instant messaging application to communicate with your audience. Social marketers always look for a compelling method to grip their existing customers as well as find new customers.

Social Media: Can What We Share On Social Media Have A Negative Effect On Our Relationships?

Nowadays, one no longer needs to be with someone in order to communicate with them. On one side, it is clear that this is nothing new as it has been possible to talk over the phone or even to text for a number of years; however, this is not longer necessary.

How To Create A Viral Tweet

Everyone has forwarded a funny email, or a link to a hilarious YouTube video, to his or her friends. We also forward information we think is important or relevant to our friends. When content is forwarded numerous times, it’s considered viral content. So what makes content viral and better yet, how do we create viral content?

10 Ideas for Marketing Your Business With Facebook Advertising

Facebook is considered as the most popular social media network today. Its popularity remains to spread out with a need in internet marketing where aggressive and ingenious company owners and online marketers are deploying Facebook marketing to reach more target market as web traffic to their sites. A more extension to Facebook marketing is Facebook marketing that is growing popular where certain online marketing is targeted at specific niche Facebook audiences that would benefit the brand and company operations.

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