LinkedIn Ads For Beginners: How To Run Your First Campaign In 2021

How to Use Twitter for Business Naturally

You can use Twitter for business and actually get more hits and traffic to your blog or business opportunity than you can on Facebook. At least that’s been my experience lately.

Facebook Marketing Tips: Social Media Profiles For Small Businesses

One of the biggest worries that small business owners have in the 21st century is not actually whether they have the right image, suit, or even the right phone (which makes all the right noises on a tube train) but their social media network presence. So here’s how to use Facebook marketing tips so you can sit back while they do the work for you!

5 Smart Ways to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile for Business

The popularity of LinkedIn is continuously growing all over the world and is attracting more and more individuals and businesses. In the technology-driven world, winning new clients and businesses can be difficult, but this can be done effectively with LinkedIn. If you are worried about optimizing your LinkedIn profile, here are a few tips to optimize your LinkedIn profile for businesses.

Learning From Successful Social Media Campaigns

An ancient Chinese proverb advises ‘to know the road ahead, ask those coming back’. While it’s a safe assumption they weren’t talking with successful social media campaigns in mind, the sentiment remains. For anyone wanting to develop their own campaign, analyzing and learning from what has worked before is an invaluable part of the preparation. Successful social media campaigns of course need imagination and originality in what the audience will see, but the philosophy behind the scenes contains some staples that have been proven to work time after time.

Killing It With a Social Media Plan

Social media is many things to many, many people. It’s a way to keep in touch with friends near and far, current or past. It’s a means of sharing photographs, touching moments, thoughts, and videos of people falling over. It is also one of the most potent weapons a business has in its marketing arsenal, and one which can hit far more target customers far more easily than any other marketing method.

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