LinkedIn Ads That Convert | Best Practices and Ad Size Specs

6 Effective Twitter Marketing Tips That You Cannot Avoid

Social media marketing continues to be the most popular brand management strategy. Twitter is one of the most viable platforms in social media marketing that has helped thousands of small to large businesses in building a network of loyal followers for generating quality traffic. Twitter is a micro-blogging service which can prove very useful if used effectively.

Pinterest Business Accounts Are Finally Here!

Up until now, businesses had to create a personal account on Pinterest for marketing purposes. It was a good way for businesses to display their products to potential customers or photographers to showcase some of their latest prints. Nearly every business can find a way to benefit from the unique Pinterest platform.

Relevancy Of The 16 Rules Of Social Media Optimization For Web Presence

Social Media Optimization as a term was first coined in 2006 in a blog post that listed 5 rules of Social Media Optimization (SMO). This list was added to by several other bloggers to create 16 rules for SMO. Now that we are almost at the end of 2012, a look at the relevancy of these 16 rules in today’s social media environment provides an updated perspective for any business seeking to use SMO strategies to increase their online visibility.

Writing Tweets That Grab Your Readers

Twitter, by length limitations enforced by that tool, doesn’t allow more than 140 characters per tweet. However, just because the tweets are short doesn’t necessarily mean that the tweets are exciting and that they grab your readers profoundly.

Why Your Social Media Campaign Is So Important

In every move you make in advancing your social media, you should always give your “ninja moves”. Social media campaigns are indeed the fuel of your business’s degree of popularity and visibility in the web world. Having achieved such stable ranking can simply mean a great return on investment – which you love – and the bragging rights of being a social media mogul. Campaigns are actually the frontlines of your social media at large which makes it an important aspect of your business expansion efforts.

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