LinkedIn Ads Training For Beginners 2022 (How To Setup & Run LinkedIn Ad Campaigns)

Facebook Cover Photo – Make Your FB Profile Attractive

It is an undeniable fact that Facebook is an incredible social networking website. One very obvious feature is connecting not only close friends and families but also bridging businesses and other industries around the world. Many were tempted to sign up because of its practicality such as the built-in chat box that is certainly convenient on making conversations to people online. Facebook was made phenomenal because it introduced the users to handy and helpful apps and games that became quite addictive to most of its users.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Don’ts

I have to admit it, I’ve had enough. Social media has been around the block. Millions of “how to” posts and books have been written, yet so many people are still getting it wrong. I’ve mentioned quite a few of these don’ts in previous posts over the past three years, but somehow, the message still isn’t getting through.

Google+ – Your Identity Friend

To make a success of your online business, you cannot ignore social networking sites, otherwise also known as Web 2.0 sites. The biggest of this is of course Facebook which is now boasting 1 billion regular users. Twitter is the second biggest network followed by the newest, Google+.

Social Media – How Are You Engaging Your Customers?

How many times have you heard someone say, “The business landscape is changing” in the last 5 years? Chances are the answer is A LOT if you own or operate a business. While hearing this may cause some to grit their teeth, the message is true — Many facets of running a business have been disrupted by the introduction of the internet, websites, and social media.

Social Media Marketing – Consistency Is Critical, Are You Trustworthy? Of Course You Are

Are you proving to your customers and clients that you are trustworthy? Are you worthy of their time? Read on to discover how you can demonstrate trustworthiness on your blog…

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