LinkedIn Advertising 101: How to Get Started

Do You Know How to Use Twitter Chat to Increase Your Followers?

Businesses and individuals are always looking for new ways to increase their number of followers on Twitter. Most ways involve nothing more than paying a fee and seeing an extra 1,000 followers added on. That’s okay, if all you’re interested in is having a higher number. But if what you really want is a greater number of quality followers, then you are going to have to put a little bit of extra effort into it.

Using Social Marketing Management Techniques to Influence Brand Image

Brand Image is something that takes a long time to build up – and can be destroyed rapidly in the digital age. As well as taking action when there is a problem, companies need to be proactive to build the positive side of their brand.

The Five C’s of Social Marketing Management: Commerce, Company, Consumers, Content and Community

With more and more complex technology available in social marketing management, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics. Focusing on the five C’s can help: Think about Commerce, Company, Consumers, Content and Community and revitalise your company’s engagement in social media.

Using Social Media Marketing in a Wise Way

A lot of people hear about social media and then they immediately try it. After all, it makes a lot of sense for the business owner. Social media offers a way to network with customers and to build a name for one’s company.

Why Is Social Media Marketing Important?

Previous Methods of Marketing – Before social media marketing and internet existed, businesses relied on traditional offline marketing methods. As the web grew, companies advertised their business online by creating their own website. Their website was created to rank high in search engines with keywords.

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