Linkedin API – How to get an OAuth access token and how to call the API – Step-by-step tutorial

Social Media Marketing Metrics – What to Measure and What to Do With Those Measurements

Using social networking to market your brand is now almost essential, and can take up a lot of time and effort. Like any other marketing campaign, it is important to know what is effective so that your efforts can be concentrated where they will be most beneficial. Metrics and analysis can help you to find out how well you are doing – if treated with caution.

Personal Branding Using Social Media

Gone are the days when Branding was confined to celebrities. Everybody has a brand value and social media makes it so important for you to build your brand reputation so you can have your value in the marketplace.

Communicating With Your Team Through Social Media

Communication with team members is vital to your success as a leader. There are so many ways to keep in touch with your team members as you grow. Direct sales organizations used to meet in the living rooms of their members, and some still do. However, with growing teams in various states and even countries, we have to explore new ways to communicate quickly and effectively.

Twitter Marketing Tips, How Starting From Scratch Has Generated Lots of New Clients

I mentioned in a previous post that since October I’ve really got into using Twitter and LinkedIn on a daily basis, it has really paid off and been a great source for new clients. I have been a member of both for over three years and had many thousands of connections/followers, but…

7 Useful Tips for Writing Tweets That Instantly Lead to More Blog Traffic

Thanks to the Internet for the online business industry it has created today. The development of websites like Twitter and Facebook providing us a platform now known as Social Media. This new media if used correctly can do wonders for your business. You will wonder at the growth you can trigger by optimizing your activity on Facebook or twitter.

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