LinkedIn Basic versus LinkedIn Recruiter: What you need to know

Would You Feel Lost Without Facebook?

FACEBOOK is now a very essential platform for millions of people all over the world. Through this social media network, we are able to stay in touch with our friends and family, know when someone is celebrating a special occasion and stay updated on their lives and travels via news feeds.

Facebook Search: Access the Wisdom of Your Friends’ Network

The long wait is finally over! Facebook Graph Search is here. With the unveiling of Keyword Search option, Facebook has clearly shown that it’s serious about challenging Google’s dominance in finding information and Twitter’s supremacy in listing real time chat records. With the introduction of this search tool, users can now search for feeds posted by those in your friends’ network. Previously, Facebook’s search functionality only allowed people and page search options.

Small Business Social Media Myths You Need to Forget

When you start forming a social media strategy for your small business, it is hard to overlook the many myths that continue to swirl around this type of marketing. You want to set yourself up for success, but how do you know what to focus on with your plan? First, know what is truly important and disregard the misinformation.

2 Easy Ways Of Making Money Using Twitter

Twitter has over 300 million users. According to research studies, many of the users are business owners who use the platform to give information to their customers. The business owners also use the platform to track their customers. If you are intelligent and talented you can make money using Twitter. Some of the ways that you can use include:

5 Tips for Making Social Media Marketing Work

For businesses today, it’s not uncommon to have multiple social media accounts, across various platforms. For any business wanting to be at the top of their game, it’s a must. Unfortunately, many businesses are lacking the ability to utilize their accounts to their full potential. Business that are not online-based can find social media marketing especially difficult to navigate. Traditionally, marketing has been all about pushing products and the newest thing. In today’s increasingly social environment, this simply doesn’t work anymore. If you want to get past those product-centric tweets and self-advertising status updates, try these five ways of making your social media marketing more successful.

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