Marketing Lessons From DJ Khaled and Kim Kardashian

Social Apps: How They Are Raising The Teenagers Network

Social networking is growing its influence consistently. With safe applications, social networking soon became a mobile phenomenon, especially for the youngsters. This article tries to explain how social apps are growing the network of kids and teenagers by allowing them to make new friends.

Ten BE’s To Increase Your Social Media Followers

As a business owner or marketing strategist, social media is an important tool to increase brand awareness, we can see social media like a cocktail party, where you can have networking and fun. I will explain 10 Must-Haves in your campaign to rock your social media strategy.

Why Marketers Should Continue Advertising on Facebook Amidst the Cambridge Analytica Issue

Keeping up with your brand’s marketing is crucial for any establishment, especially when you’re paying for tools to help you reach your target. One of the most sophisticated advertising channels to come off the internet is Facebook. Now, millions of small-to-medium businesses and large corporation marketers create Facebook ad campaigns for their brands.

How To Choose The Right Influencer for Your Brand

.Social media influencers are the new celebrities of the world. Thanks to social media, influencers have become the central nucleus that connects brands and customers.

5 Celebrities That Are Bossing It on Social Media

Social media isn’t just for everyday people to post pictures of food or companies trying to sell you something. It’s also a place for fans to connect with their celebrity favourites from every industry. And, just like all things in life, there are some celebrities who do this better than others.

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