Most Subscribed YouTube Channels Ever 2005 – 2021

3 Common Online Customer Service Issues

Social media has given businesses a whole new way to interact with customers and even handle a lot of customer service issues that used to be done over the phone or in person. However, a lot of businesses are still struggling to use this tool to the best advantage. Using the Internet to communicate with customers requires a different type of focus than in person.

How To Create A Passive Income Stream, Passive Income Stream Using The Social Media

There are thousands of freelance writing experts online who literally earn their living from the web platforms like, and similar freelancing websites. They usually work as ghostwriters and make money writing for others. However, they don’t make a lot of money for each article or page; and they work really hard to make that money. In the other hand, the buyer who’s hiring them is making a lot of money – basically passive income from his website for the content written by the ghostwriter. He just knows how to make things work and how the content can be used for making such amount. Fortunately, there are some platforms that allow writers make money just like the internet marketers; the writers will earn royalties for their articles for the rest of their lives. is the best platform among these, here’s why:

Few Social Media Marketing Strategies Using Growth Model

As a business individual, you will know the importance of marketing your products using your website. Designing a website and promoting your website are two different things. It is something that any business individual must be able to learn and understand. Otherwise they will never be able to sell their products and most likely have to close down.

How to Find an Effective Facebook Marketing Strategy

Think about it-every day, many marketers make a living off marketing on Facebook. Put it this way, if people aren’t making money off Facebook advertising, Mark Zuckerberg and company wouldn’t be pulling in tons of money in annual advertising revenues. Facebook advertising works.

10 Features Every Social Media Dashboard Must Have

A Social Media Dashboard can be an invaluable tool for businesses that are spending any amount of time utilizing it’s platforms for building their brand and marketing to potential & existing customers. And because this type of tool can deliver so much value, there’s no shortage of companies who offer one. However, it’s important to understand that not all Social Media Dashboards are equal in terms of what they can do for your business.

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