OUR 2021 INSTAGRAM HASHTAG STRATEGY: How to Find the Best Hashtags to Rank in the Algorithm

7 Neglected Ways to Promote Your Content on Social Media

While every company will have different strategies and venues to help boost their marketing efforts, every marketer must figure out which social media channel is most important to their industry and what field has the lion’s share of their audience. Social networks give an abundance of choices to bring content marketing beyond sharing and advertising. According to research, 80% of marketers are already using content promotional strategies, but are they doing it effectively?

Engage Your Audience: Get Visible With Social Media

Getting to know your audience on social media by talking to, supporting, and encouraging them in their own lives and businesses will build long term and active relationships. Then if you do choose to promote your services, you’ll have a community who backs you up.

Why Your Facebook Posts Aren’t Going Viral And How To Fix It

Do you suffer from viral post envy? You know what I mean, it’s that nagging feeling that everybody else’s Facebook posts are getting shared but yours aren’t. And frankly, getting people to share your posts isn’t an easy thing to do. And to make matters worse Facebook has continue to decrease in organic reach of most posts… particularly those on business fan pages. To even getting people to see your posts in the first place can be a challenge.

The 6 Step Social Media Plan For Business

Since its inception, social media has grown from a simple way to keep in touch with old classmates, friends and colleagues to become one of the most vital weapons in a company’s marketing arsenal. With seemingly every enterprise in the western world trying to be seen and heard online, it’s inevitable that most will fail. The question for new businesses is how to avoid a similar fate. Ask any internet marketing expert and they will tell you the same: to succeed on social media with your business, you will need to devise and stick to a plan.

The Secret to Magnetizing New Talent Via Social Media

For many businesses, attracting talented individuals can be a struggle. The traditional routes of identifying and recruiting are proverbial jungles; your job posting gets lost while the best candidates are quickly gobbled up by the dominant beasts in your industry.

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