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Blogging or Newsletters or Both?

Often when I work with new entrepreneurs or even seasoned business owners, a lot of confusion happens around the whole content marketing thing. Should they blog? Should they send out newsletters? Do they have to do both?

Distribute Videos On Social Platforms And Build Your Brand

We love watching videos. We love watching them over and again as they provide big dosages of entertainment and enrichment. Watching them is not only fun, but a knowledge-gaining experience as they educate and inform us about a number of things in a detailed manner. We also watch them before buying any product to gain a better understanding and feel more enlightened. This is where online marketers play their part as they gauge our buying habits and preferences and seek buyers out of us. This is the whole concept behind video marketing which is gaining popularity with a brisk pace.

Top 4 Ways to Boost Your Social Media Reach, Engagement and Sales

There are many ways you can make your social media campaigns more effective. However, if you’re just getting started with social media marketing, it’s worth focusing on one platform at a time, rather than trying to conquer them all.

Simple Tips to Enhance Your Instagram Strategy

Harnessing social media is a task within itself. Every social channel is a world of it’s own, but there are clear differences. If you know your target audience then you know which channel to place your emphasis on. Enclosed are some tips on Instagram.

Facebook Messenger Bots for Business: A New E-Commerce Platform to Look Forward To

Technology and innovation, such as those launched by Facebook will indeed open new opportunities to businesses. Connecting brands and businesses to its market becomes even easier with this new feature from Facebook.

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