Pinterest Growth Strategy: Find and Join the Right Pinterest Group Boards

Online Marketing Strategy – Use Facebook’s Company Pages to Target People on the Go

Facebook company pages are getting increasingly important for a company’s online marketing efforts. Focus on targeting people on the go via Facebook design upgrades and a tweak in your online Facebook marketing strategy.

Upgrade Your Online Facebook Strategy In 3 Steps: 2012 Is Long Gone

Competition online is getting harder and harder. To step up to the challenge, have a look at three steps to catch up and get ahead. Upgrade your Facebook designs and strategy to have your company page shine and generate those desired leads.

5 Steps to Improve Your Social Media Optimization Strategy

No online business can survive without customer interaction and online visibility. To have a greater web exposure, businesses need to explore the various online marketing channels including social media websites.

Four (4) Social Media Metrics Tools

One of the reasons businesses use social media is for lead generation. For this reason, marketing tools are available to measure the return on investment (ROI). There is a host of tools to help companies reach their prospect goals such as Google Analytics, Hootsuite and

Man Loses Job for Being Too Internet Savvy

In what could easily be touted as the one of the most bizarre chain of events, a man lost his job – only for being too familiar with the ways of the internet. Surprised? But there’s more to it.

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