The basic differences between Free LinkedIn and Premium Subscriptions of LinkedIn.

Can Your Business Tweet – Or Should Social Activity Be From Real People?

Should a business use social media corporately or with identifiable individual members of staff? Research shows the solution all depends on what you aim at.

8 LinkedIn Daily To Do List: Advanced LinkedIn Tips

You’ve heard that people are generating leads and closing clients using LinkedIn and wonder how to join the LinkedIn Success Club. Here is the secret: consistently connecting and engaging. It’s really that simple.

How Facebook’s “Nearby” Tool Can Help Your Business

Facebook recently updated its “Nearby” tool, which users can access through their mobile apps. The app will now let users find nearby businesses based on information from their Facebook friends. This can be from recommendations or likes, ratings for businesses and check-ins.

Using LinkedIn Groups Like An Expert

You know your business, so why not show it? Social media provides great opportunities for showcasing our role as an industry leader – and LinkedIn is a great place to start. But first, check out these tips to ensure that you’re utilizing LinkedIn’s benefits to their fullest.

Is Social Media Only For The Young?

The proliferation of various social media these days is a challenge for every person and whatever age. In business, I find it a must for an entrepreneur to have at least the basic understanding of what social media can be beneficial.

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