The BEST Way to Create A YouTube Thumbnail For Your Videos (2022)

Top 3 Strategies To Grow Your Business With Pinterest

Are you ready to use Pinterest to increase the exposure and profits of your business? Discover top 3 strategies to grow your business with Pinterest.

B2B Social Media Marketing and Social Media Trends

Way too often people limit social media marketing to B2C only. Can companies marketing to businesses benefit from this phenomenon or are they out?

The Importance of Social ECommerce To Interact With Your Customers

Social eCommerce refers to using social media sites like Facebook to help sell your products and services electronically. Make no mistake that social media is here to stay, and businesses are finding more creative and innovative ways to harness the potential of social media to increase their own revenue.

What KPIs Are Most Important In Social Analytics

Technology is continually changing how businesses market to consumers as well as how they receive feedback. In the past, companies had to deal with sending surveys, making calls or even providing free samples in order to know what the customers think of their products. Today, all this has changed and retailers are now shifting to using of social media analytics to help them gauge what the market is thinking or saying about their products. KPIs or key performance indicators that pertain to social media may be used to get valuable information. A company’s brand has to be invested in using social media platforms because this is where they can find consumers and can look at conversations, comments, likes, dislikes to tell how well they are doing.

Which Social Media Stats Can Predict Your ROI?

The pros are measuring results of ROI (return on investments) from social medias such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, generic social medias and blogs. They look at social media statistics in regards to commerce and their revenue earned from these social medias. Others just flat out refuse to consider that social media websites have any influence on sales. The main and strongest reason pros think they do influence a return on investment is because of the business that is generated through followers or friends, their visits to a business’s website and the income generated through sales of their products.

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