The BEST Way To Promote YouTube Videos On Twitter

Is There A Social Media Bigfoot?

Is your social media footprint a Littlefoot or Bigfoot? Explore the concepts of social media marketing and increasing social media engagement.

Why Your Employees Are Your Best Brand Advocates

For many businesses, a solid social media strategy is vital for being successful. It can be difficult to keep up with the constant stream of changes and reach out to your target audience in an effective manner. This is why it is so beneficial for your business to seek out brand advocates. A good brand advocate can increase the efficiency of your social marketing strategies.

Google+ Communities: What Are They and How Can You Benefit From Them?

Google+ continues to enhance its platform to allow greater engagement among users. The newest feature to launch is Google+ Communities. Basically, communities is a platform within Google+ wherein users can connect, much like a group works on LinkedIn or Facebook.

Top 5 Basic Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Facebook Business Page

Whether you need to connect with customers, promote your brand name, create buzz, or share post-event pictures, your Facebook Business Page needs to be the main tool in your advertising and marketing toolbox. With these five tips, this powerhouse program solely provides the capability to spread out the word, boost awareness, and accomplish your objectives.

The Significance Of Social Media To Small Businesses

This article discusses the significance of outsourced marketing companies to small businesses that try to assess and use the marketing capabilities of social media. It also points out why measuring data from social media is important.

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