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5 Things Every Social Media Analytics Report Must Have

Not all social media analytics reports are equal. In order to get real value out of this type of report, a platform needs to be able to accurately record and report certain types of data. If you want to ensure that the reports you invest in will have information you can use to move your business forward, here are the five most important components for a report to include:

YouTube Training Guide: Why All Businesses Should Have a YouTube Channel

While just about everyone has watched videos on YouTube, not every business is sure if this site is the right fit for them. Since the homepage is often filled with cats, pranks, sports clips and music videos, it may seem like the wrong place to focus any online marketing effort. However, it’s important to remember that YouTube is a massive website that attracts millions of visitors a day. So for every person who’s watching Justin Bieber sing, someone is searching for a tutorial or product review.

Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media Automation for Your Business

Social media tools play a significant role in forming our social media strategy. If you’re busy managing your everyday business responsibilities, sometimes making a tweet or a LinkedIn update is the last thing on your mind. This is where social media automation tools can help you in maintaining a consistent online presence. These tools help in scheduling your posts online as per your convenience, in monitoring how your website is working and updates you about the recent trends on social media. However overusing these tools creates an inevitable awkward situation which can deteriorate your social media reputation for ever. Here we will discuss about understanding the dos and dont’s of using social media tools and how they can generate revenues to your business.

Overcoming Client Objections to Social Media

Whether you’re a social media guru with fifteen years of experience or the new digital marketing wizard on the block, we all hear the same objections from potential clients regarding the incorporation of social media (SM) into their marketing plan. “Too much of a time suck.” This, of course, is my most favorite objection.

Twitter Training Guide: 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Twitter

Branding Twitter provides many ways to help build your brand. From publishing great content to responding directly to people having relevant conversations, Twitter can allow you to show people what your business is all about. Connect with Customers Because Twitter is all about two-way communication, it’s an excellent tool for connecting with customers.

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