Why You Should Try Video Ads On LinkedIn

Four Benefits of Using Social Media to Promote Your Business

There’s a lot of positivity with social medial these days, what with its ability to drive a significant portion of daily traffic to a business related website. The main social sites, Facebook and Twitter, are also very effective at increasing business sales if the right steps are taken to market you services.

How to Use Pop Up Domination To Explode Your List Via Facebook

Pop Up Domination is great for significantly improving your email list signups on your website, but it’s also extremely effective for improving sign ups on your Facebook fan page. If you don’t have a Facebook fan page yet, check out my post on how to make a page on Facebook for your website so that you can get the most out of the most trafficked and popular website on the planet.

Are Images More Important Than Text Content in Social Media?

Like many of you, I have been amazed by the incredible growth of social likes Instagram and Pinterest. To read that Instagram, after only two years, has exceeded Twitter in the number of active daily users, almost has me worried. I write for a living, therefore I am counted on to provide quality, searchable content for clients. When tools like Instagram and Pinterest enjoy explosive growth in such a short time it makes me wonder if I should look into graphic design coursework.

Evaluating Social Networking Tools for Events Promotion

A growing debate arose amongst event organizers regarding the usage of social networking tools for event promotions. One school of thought believes in the view that spending time and energy on social networking sites is nothing but wastage of vital man hours. They rely more on traditional age-old methods of advertising which primarily consist of newspapers adverts and telecasting commercials on television and using radio jingles to campaign for the event. However, new age business bees have argued social media has brought about a revolution in the way event promotion used to take place previously. The online strategy is quite fruitful too in diverting web traffic to the event website successfully.

How Confusing Is Social Media Optimization? Learn More!

Social media optimization has become a new and revolutionary new way of advertising your business online. And while it’s related to search engine optimization or search engine marketing, SMO can actually be a complex process of giving your business a more visual presence online and increasing recognition of your brand and products.

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