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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

What do you do when you want to learn more about a product or service? I bet the first thing you do is go to Google and search the internet. With so much data available to us today, search engines are an integral part of our life. When you search Google, you can find information about literally anything in seconds.

The Value of Being Endorsed on LinkedIn

You probably get notices through LinkedIn when one of your online connections has endorsed you and then the person’s photo appears on your LinkedIn profile page under the endorsement section. Well, you understand that being endorsed is a good thing; however, does it really help you to advance professionally?

Be Consistent Across Channels To Boost Your Social Media Branding

We live at a time where we do socialize less in the real world and more on the virtual realm. Our online friends have long exceeded the number we do have offline. Similarly, some of us don’t let a single opportunity pass without posting updates, links and photos on our favourite social site.

Empower Conference Planning With A Robust Social Media Strategy

An effective online presence will make your trade show, seminar, workshop, or conference memorable to attendees. Plan to build anticipation and encourage interaction online from the very first conference planning session.

Social Media: Does Social Media Allow People To Create A False Life?

Through using social media, one has the chance to share their life with others, and while they can share it with people they know; they can also share it with people they don’t know. This is something that can take place through writing a status or uploading an image, for instance.

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