YouTube Company Channel – 8 Things You Need to Consider Before Creating Your Channel

Social Media Optimization: The New SEO?

Social Media Optimization is simply SMO by which this effective process is focused on sharing informative online contents through the different social networking sites. The popularity of these social media has paved the way for SMO to emerge. Thus, it is now considered as the new trend of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Print Journalism’s Survival in the Social Media Age

Social media has created competition between all news sources and, in its quest for survival, print journalism has had to join in the fracas. It needs to rethink its management style and the way it presents itself to the community it serves. If it doesn’t adjust to the changing times, it will only alienate it current readership and lose out on the potential of many more.

Social Media Marketing – Facebook

Set up a vanity URL for your Facebook business page (available when you gain 25 likes), ideally named after your brand, e.g. where ‘yourcompany name’ is your username. This will make it much easier for you to tell people how to find your Facebook page. Think about it carefully, as you will only be able to change it once in future, otherwise you will have to delete your page and start over – not good if you’ve built a big fan base!

Social Media Marketing – 3 Benefits of Video on Your Social Media Profiles (Part 2)

We all know video is one of the best ways to be found on line. You know that right? Here are 3 great reasons to get started NOW!

4 Steps to Calculate Your Social Media Return on Investment

This guide will offer substantial suggestions for developing a practical approach to measure your social media marketing return on investment (ROI). You begin by posting to Facebook and Twitter to interact with your fans and followers. You think your actions are ok, but are not sure how to determine the impact of your social media efforts and the ROI. Counting how many Twitter followers and Facebook fans you have is a way to jump in and start measuring your ROI. A slightly more advanced method is to measure Facebook likes and Twitter retweets. A better approach to ROI measurement that is goal-based will help you understand the “how” behind the “why” of the marketing initiatives you implement.

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