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The Best Times to Review and Tweak Your Social Media Strategy

Even if you are confident in your social media strategy, you should make it a habit to review your approach on a regular basis. By doing so, there is always the chance you will find a tweak that can work in your favor. Here are three times to review your social media strategy: 1.

Facebook Marketing The Wrong Way

According to ZDNet, 69% of small business owners currently use Facebook as part of their marketing strategy. On the face of it, it seems such a simple platform to use. After all, you’re an avid personal user so it can’t be that hard to use for business, can it?

How I Got a Paid Radio Gig by Using Twitter

According to social media writer Steven Hughes, there are over 241 million monthly active Twitter users online. For this fact alone, anyone who considers them self a “mover and a shaker” must have a Twitter account and be monitoring it daily. This article will give a real-life example of how this author was able to secure a regular paid radio interview gig by having a social media presence and actively working Twitter.

Benefits of Using Social Media for Event Marketing

Social media has changed the way people collect information. Event marketers need to understand the social media landscape and develop a relevant social media strategy to boost event awareness and increase participants.

What Is Twitter All About?

Have you ever asked yourself: What’s Twitter All About? As we all know it is a 140 character social media tool, but what does that really mean. It may mean it depends who you are and how you use it. More importantly, it may mean, Why use it? How is it going to benefit you? Really, you want to discuss this question? Everyone is on Twitter, they just use it!. Well let’s discuss just that, Twitter.

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