How Much YOUTUBE Paid Me Last Year

Why Social Media Marketing Is a Good Thing

This article explains why marketing on social media sites is so important. It also discusses a couple of easy ways to get started doing this. It is intended to inspire people to take advantage of the industry.

Social Media: Missing Marketing Piece

Online is a very important piece of today’s marketing puzzle. How is your digital marketing strategy working for you?

10 Things You Shouldn’t Do on Social Media

A listicle about 10 things you shouldn’t do on social media. It helps to learn the good behaviour and habits to use on social networks.

The Power of Pinterest for Small Businesses

Crafting, quotes and a whole lot of beautiful photos – that is what best describes Pinterest to most of its users. But in truth, it is one of the social media platforms that small businesses can utilize as it could help them target its more than 70 million users each month.

Why You Should Be Marketing Online This Valentine’s Holiday

Why engage in social media marketing for Valentine’s Day? More than 50% of women in relationships say they would break-up with their partner if they did not receive a Valentine’s Day gift. If Valentine’s Day is this important to your consumers, it should be to you as well.

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