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Why Is Social Media Important?

There may be many reasons. But the main reason is that man is a social animal by birth. It is our nature to be social. The internet owes it meteoric rise to this deeply human tendency to reach out and connect with another person. And, social media touches the core of another human desire – to be heard and to be involved.

Social Media: Should Someone Share Their Whole Life On Social Media?

If one wanted to share something about their life in the past, they would have got in touch with their friends and/or their family. This could be something that took place over the phone, or they may have just sent a text message.

Social Media: Has Social Media Made It Easier For People To Deceive Others?

If one wanted to find out what their ‘friends’ have been doing, there is a strong chance that they will end up using social media. And while they might end up looking through one site; they could also look through a number of different sites.

Social Proof: Why You Need a Strategy, Yesterday!

Social Proof, do you need it? Word of mouth is very important, and whether you realize it or not, social proof has been happening, well, forever! Word of mouth is very important. But what exactly is it and how does it work in social media?

Steps to a Successful Social Media Strategy for ANY Network

With all the new channels constantly emerging, it’s very easy to fall into the trap of thinking about social media as a tactical plan instead of a strategic one. The best social media plans set forth measurable goals that work with any social venue. We understand why it makes sense to pay attention to social media, but where should you focus your attention?

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