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Social Media: Expert Social Media Predictions For 2013

Following on from my previous article, here is the second part of my expert social media predictions for 2013. The following highlights the trends for the year ahead.

Have You Considered Using Google+?

Many projects are finished every day when businesses work together, but this requires them to collaborate. Because a lot of businesses are located a long way from each other, up until 2011, this has been difficult. Because of technology advancements, it is no longer difficult, but has become much easier by using collaboration software. One of these collaboration software tools that some are still not sure about is Google+. In 2011, Google released this social network, but it did not receive a good response.

How To Get Likes On Facebook – 7 Tips

If you own a business or website getting Facebook likes is incredibly important. They go a long way to building user engagement and establishing credibility for your brand. They are also becoming an essential factor for ranking highly in search engines such as Google and Bing.

The Advantages of Applying Facebook Marketing for the Business

Facebook is a very popular site. People go there to chat with friends, share pictures, talk about their day, and so much more. But did you know Facebook is better for so much more than simply socializing with your friends. You can also use the site to help market your business.

Tips for Using Pinterest for Online Marketing

The social media site Pinterest is growing in popularity as a social media site and as an online market tool. This article offers tips on how you can use Pinterest effectively.

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